Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SharePoint 2010 | User Profiles | Recent Activities


While querying user profile changes we can get changes upto last 14 days.

Now,I want to know about recenet activities web part which shows user profile edits by the user. Up to which point in the past , it shows the user profile changes as recent activities ?

I need to know the duration (in days) in past for which the changes in user profile are reflected as recent activities on page : http://<server>/my/Person.aspx?accountname=domain\AccountID

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Helo Heamntrhtk,


Check on this site you can configure it:

Under section:"Timer Jobs Required"


The following are listed in the webpart:

Rating, blog, tag, like, ..

Activity Feeds are an ongoing record of a user’s activities through the day (or for whatever time period in which they choose to update the feed). There are two sections of Activity feed.

· My Activities - My Profile > Recent Activities

· Consolidated - My Newsfeed (Activities which track)

These two sections are like two sides of a conversation. Both are depending on Activity Feed timer job.

Kr, Gokan


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Only the following activities will be displayed in the recent activities.

Rating, Tagging, new blog post and so on.


Wayne Fan

How to exclude items from Search Result page?

in sharepoint 2010, there is an option to remove a url from search results immidiately, corresponding crawling rules/ exclude rules are set automatically

And the that specific content does not get crawled.


Otherwise go for Crawl exclude rules directly.