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Create Variation Hierarchies with Machine Translation Enabled


Before we start creating variations in SP 2013 and test machine translations, below mentioned two Managed services must be present:
•          Machine Translation Service
•          User Profile Service Application
You can use configuration wizard on home page of central admin (http://centralAdmin/configurationwizards.aspx) to create all services.
• Application pool account used for machine translation service must have full control on User profile services. This application pool account must have permissions on http://servername/TargetSiteCollectionPath/Translation%20Status/
• Download latest certificates from and install on SharePoint farm.
• Visit ( run as administrator) > Page properties > Certificates > Install certificates on the SharePoint Farm

Create Variations in SharePoint 2013

Create   publishing portal from central admin (http://centraladmin/_admin/createsite.aspx)

Create Hierarchies

  1. Visit In site settings of root for site collection and go to Variation Labels (http://servername/sites/var/_layouts/15/VariationLabels.aspx) :

  2. Create  root variation label :

3. Create a target / child variation label :

Please make sure you have allowed machine translations for this target:

4. Now click on link to create Variation hierarchy   :

5. Either wait for Variations Create Hierarchies Job Definition and Variations Propagate Sites and Lists Timer Job to run as scheduled or run them manually. You can verify   what actions these jobs are taking @ http://servername/sites/var/VariationLogs/AllItems.aspx

6. After variations are created http://servername/sites/var/_layouts/15/VariationLabels.aspx looks like :

Machine translation

Create page on root variation

Publish and approve this page.

Manually run Variations Propagate Page Job Definition or let this job run as scheduled.

Visit Variation Logs (http://servername/sites/var/VariationLogs/AllItems.aspx) to verify page is being propagated to target variation.

Submit page for Translation on Target Variation

Visit the test page and click on machine translation tab :


Publish and Approve the page after required edits.

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