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1. Even though this site is created to share anything related to SharePoint and related Technologies, you are free to post any useful information you want.
2. Owner of the blog is not liable for what users are posting.
3. User information like email ids will not be disclosed or sold at any cost.
4. Plugins like Google analytic and jetpacks are used to monitor user habits and parameters like browser, operating system, IP address, country etc. All this information may be made public by Google, go Daddy , word press or else whosoever is the owner of these plugins.
5. Owner of this site is not responsible for content or privacy policies of the sites where posts or content link to.
6. Owner of this site reserves the right to change Privacy Policy at any time.
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8. If you copy and paste content from any source, it will be nice to include source information. Owner of the site is not responsible for such content thefts though.
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