Sunday, April 17, 2011

Search History in SharePoint 2010

Did anyone got a chance to work on Search History?


We are able to get top Search Queries  , but we need to maintain log of all search keywords entered by all the users.  Is there something out of box for this?


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here are some default Search Reports, but i do not recall it does keep track ALL the search keywords entered by user, the closest

You may refer for more information about the default search report.


Reply 1,1 we have tried it dear but we need to track all.Please help.Track all search keywords entered to be very specific .

Reply 1.1.1 You can create a hidden web part, place the hidden web part in the Search Result page, and the web part will retrieve the HTTP GET parameter, q=keyword, store it to a search keyword table, and make a report out of that table.

Kiat Hau, Goh

Reply If there is nothing out of box in SharePoint 2010 for this  , we will go for omniture - its just similar to google analytic .


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