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Multiple TargetPath under EcmDocumentRouterRule | EcmDocumentRouter , Content Organizer Rules , SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 with Content organizer  Feature, we can route a document to the target based on predefined rules.

If multiple rules condition satisfy for current document being put in drop off library, priority of rule decides which rule will run.


My requirement is :


1. Run multiple rules for single document so that same document may be routed to multiple targets.


2. Under single rule define multiple targetpath so that single document may be routed to multiple locations base don predefined rules.


Reference :

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If you want to implement the requirement you mentioned, it is not necessary to use the Content Organizer feature.

You can create an 'ItemAdded' event receiver for all the document libraries. After you uploaded document to library, you can call the method 'SPListItem.CopyTo()' to copy current document to destination.

For this topic you can see the following document.

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What if I want to avoid customization using Object Model. Can the content organizer then help in this. I have a similar requirement to this. I have location property which is multi value field. Based on the selections need to route the document to the appropriate folders. Can you please highlight how this can be achieved?



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In your case it is achivable out of box.


Define as much rules as much you have targets.


In the condition of each rule you can define, based on meta data field( which is your location ) route the document to desired target.

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Wish that was the case, i cant set as much rules because numerous permutation and combination that can happen with the countries (its a multi choice field).

I have raised another thread located here explaining the entire scenario. Any help will be highly appreciated.


Mayur Joshi


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