Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The user does not exist or is not unique FBA while adding AdGroup to siteGroup SharePoint 2010


I tried to add an ADGroup/FBARole to  site  group . In 2 ways:

1 is AddUser(SPUser user);

2nd is AddUser(string loginName, string email, string name, string notes)

code for 1st option:

SPUser cntrSubSiteUser = CreateUser(Constants.C_FBA_AUTHENTICATION_GROUP_PREFIX + RoleProvider + Constants.C_AUTHENTICATION_PIPE + ADgroup, "", ADgroup, "", web.Site);//loginname in format in format c:0-.f|roleproviderName|pp 1001 siteGroup.AddUser(cntrSubSiteUser);


and the createuser function is like;

private static SPUser CreateUser(string strLoginName, string strEMail, string strName, string strNotes, SPSite spSite) { SPUser spReturn = null; SPRoleAssignment spRoleAssignment = new SPRoleAssignment(strLoginName, strEMail, strName, strNotes); SPRoleDefinition spSPRoleDefinition = spSite.RootWeb.RoleDefinitions["Read"]; spRoleAssignment.RoleDefinitionBindings.Add(spSPRoleDefinition); spSite.RootWeb.RoleAssignments.Add(spRoleAssignment); //Update site spSite.RootWeb.Update(); spReturn = spSite.RootWeb.AllUsers[strLoginName]; return spReturn; }


for the second option code is like:- siteGroup.AddUser(Constants.C_FBA_AUTHENTICATION_GROUP_PREFIX + RoleProvider + Constants.C_AUTHENTICATION_PIPE + ADgroup, "", ADgroup, "");//Login Name in format c:0-.f|amsurgrole|pp 1001





Now lets come to the problem:

On 1 of our dev servers it works fine. But on production we get the error: The user does not exist or is not unique

However by UI, We can add this FBA Role  to any group.


please help.


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we have got the solution.


we are adding user in group for site 1( on web app 1) from site 2 ( on web app 2) code.  web app 1 is FBA .  site 2 is normal windows site.

in 2007 this code works fine


but for sharepoint 2010, we need to give entries for roleprovider and membership provider in web application 2 (admin web app) web.config  also.

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 I  am also getting the same exception. I am doing everything on a single sharepoint application

[SPException: The user does not exist or is not unique.]


Can you please point out, what are the other scenarios for the exception to happen?

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did u also do ensure user ? also make sure user exists in ad/ ur membership provider


when extending the application it named the membership provider wrongly, hence the error is caused. Thanks for all the replies. Now the problem is solved.

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