Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment SPExportSettings



ExportChangeToken property in SPExportSettings  is something which tells SharePoint API's a point in past from which the incremental export should start .


CurrentChangeToken  (ReadOnly) is something which is set internally , and referred by future exports as a mile stone for export process.This property is set  the when some change occurs in site or when the increamental batchis complete ?


I have a batch which runs perfectly under ideal conditions.



I want that when I run this batch manually , value of CurrentChangeToken  should not be persisted in the system,

so that automatic batch process keeps on running as is & my manual run is free enough to export without any affect on the automatic.



Please help.

1. Is it ok to create my own persisted object store of SPChangeToken , let the Batch use it to get last value and add new token there with CurrentChangeToken   value.  The manual process do not update the custom persisted object , so last in the persisted object is the one by automatic process.





I have one last resort for me , if I don't find direct API's in Deployment name spaces :  SPSite.GetChanges Method (SPChangeToken, SPChangeToken)

In this case I want to know Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPExportSettings.CurrentChangeToken  (ReadOnly)  property is set internally after the export has run  or it is independent of when export runs , but dependent on when actual change occurs.

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Under content migration scenarios from staging to Production on daily basis , how  Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment API's are better performer than ?

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