Friday, May 31, 2013

Watson bucket parameters


Anybody help to understand , what this means in ULS logs ?


05/29/2013 08:22:02.49 w3wp.exe (0x1D38) 0x0DD4 SharePoint Server Unified Logging Service c91s Monitorable Watson bucket parameters: SharePoint Server 2010, ULSException14, 81eed5e0 "web content management", 0e00129b "14.0.4763.0", e9185677 "system.web", 0200c627 "2.0.50727.0", 4ef6c43b "sun dec 25 01:35:39 2011", 00002164 "00002164", 00000083 "00000083", 454b2bb9 "httpexception", 386e3162 "8n1b" 47e538f0-8fa3-4d3b-8010-1988b2590981

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  1. Bucketing is the process that groups crashes of applications based upon the point of crash. In case of unhandled managed exceptions, it is based upon nine details that the CLR collects pertaining to the managed exception that went unhandled. These are collectively known as the Watson buckets, and in the context of managed code they include details such as the name of the module that was responsible for the crash, the intermediate language (IL) offset at which the crash happened, and the MethodDef of the method in which the crash happened (for details, see the ECMA 335 specification). For instance, bucket P4 describes the faulting module, bucket P9 displays the type of exception that went unhandled, and bucket P8 represents the IL offset at which the exception was originally thrown.