Saturday, June 22, 2013

MSDTC encountered an error (HR=0x80000171) while attempting toestablish a secure connection with system

The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator service (MSDTC) tracks all parts of the transactions process, even over multiple resource managers on multiple computers. This helps ensure that the transaction is committed, if every part of the transaction succeeds, or is rolled back, if any part of the transaction process fails.

Sample error message :
Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-MSDTC Client 2
Date: x/xx/xxx xx:xx:xx xM
Event ID: 4879
Task Category: CM
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: xxxxxxx
MSDTC encountered an error (HR=0x80000171) while attempting to establish a secure connection with system HostNameOfCurrentServer.
Event Xml:
<Event xmlns="">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-MSDTC Client 2" Guid="{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx0363}" EventSourceName="MSDTC Client 2" />
<EventID Qualifiers="32768">4879</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime=”xxxx-xx-xxTxx:xx:xx.xxxxxxxxxZ” />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" />
<Security />
<Data Name="param1">80000171</Data>
<Data Name="param2">HostNameOfCurrentServer</Data>

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