Monday, April 14, 2014

Should I Pay money to Google Adsense ? Prove using Powershell

Last week I  finalized a new hosting plan . It offers me $100 worth of code for Google adsense and similar programs.  This was the 1st time I saw Google adsense with angle of an advertiser . (Probably when I last time renewed my hosting  also , I got these codes , but never used it . Was not even aware of what it is at that moment )

1st question which comes to me , do they make us fool !!! Does this $ 100 really worth something .  After all brainstorming  my conclusion is : if you are selling a product , invest only in a program  which charges you as per actual product sale .  Never invest in Google adsense and similar programs , who just take responsibility of taking user to your door on web , if they don't promise / convert in to actual sale , don't pay them .

Well, I am not saying something in air . I have valid points to prove it , if you agree with below mentioned , you must admit what I said above :

  • Using , anonymous  IP can be generated for each   request .

  • Using  you could  make virtual calls from different OS,browser and environment combination .

  • Using powershell scripts similar to  neversaydie.ps1_.txt  you could make a click on screen at specified location .

  • To make things look natural , you could pass random number to  lClick  function in above script , min being 0 and max being size of your screen. So each click won't be on advertisement area . But some random of them will hit .

  • You could make random sleeps b/w consequent  calls to make to more random as done in How to Post on all of your FaceBook Groups Using Powershell ?

  • Using start command in powershell you could open a browser window . Thief will be smart enough to use firefox instead of  chrome as default browser . Closing firefox after one round is also possible in powershell like :Stop-Process -processname firefox* ;

  • Remove all chrome and google updater  and use firefox with no remember history  , this will make cookie based tracking impossible .

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  1. Hemant
    I appriciate your concern for we advertisers .
    Just to let you know , Google offers both kind of Adsense programs :
    One where I am charged for traffic
    The other where I am charge when order is placed

    Only difference b/w both is price I pay .