Thursday, January 1, 2015

Send bulk email using gmail or any other server

1. Visit  and enable access for less secure apps for some time

2. Verify that your machine where powershell is available , latest version of .Net Framework is installed.

3.  Verify that in powershell you have "Send-MailMessage" available .

(in powershell window type  :---- Get-Command Send-MailMessage )

4.   Export your gmail/ any other email account contacts as csv  . Say it has name of contact column as "name"  and email as "email"

5. Create the sample html you want to send , say some dummy html

6. Here is a sample ps1 using  "Send-MailMessage" with gmail

sample script

7. Give your sleep time in powershell script  with respect to  Gmail send message limits  and

8. don't forget to disable less secure apps @   after you are done .

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