Friday, April 29, 2016

A Sample Project to demonstrate single page application in AngularJS

Download files available at : Final

  • It shows example of how to achieve single page application using ngRoute in AngularJS.

  • How to use ng-Controller. ng-click, ng-show etc etc in AngularJS and change display as per response received from API (error/ success).

  • How to get JSON response with callback.

  • How to use google maps here.

Main Files in the Project

  • index.html

  • parts/introduction.html

  • parts/searchip.html

  • parts/visitorlocation.html

  • scripts/myapp.js

  • scripts/searchip.js

  • scripts/visitorlocation.js

External Resources Files Reffered


  • For Mobile Support and external css : SB Admin 2 by Start Bootstrap &

  • For location the api by

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