Wednesday, February 8, 2017

EntityFramework6.Npgsql with with PostgreSQL 9.6 and .Net 4.5

In this example I used,

Npgsql -Version 3.1.10
log4net -Version 2.0.7
CsvHelper -Version 2.16.3
EntityFramework6.Npgsql -Version 3.1.1

Two things worth noting here,
1. If I would have installed directly EntityFramework6.Npgsql -Version 3.1.1, it resolve dependency to  Npgsql -Version 3.1.0, which didn't work in my case, so I chose to go with Npgsql -Version 3.1.10

2. I had to make manual entry for DbProviderFactories in app.config to get it work.

If you get stuck somewhere, delete your bin, obj and packages folder . Then try the sample code mentioned below again.

Working sample code is available at:

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