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MOSS 2007 Troubleshooting Guide

need a trouble shooting guide for MOSS 2007.

Please suggest a good document on this which covers almost all scenarios like in MOSS 2007.


Few resources accumulated:

  1. 1.       Administration Tool Kits : 

What it contains:

Download links:

WSS 3.0:

MOSS 2007 :,office.12%29.aspx

  1. 2.       The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint Administration

  1. 3.       Content of this training :

  1. 4.       Installation Guide :

  1. 5.       Before we start any troubleshooting 4 things to be done always:

  1. 6.       All about SharePoint :

In this link above , just search for word "Troubleshooting" , we get a section to cover troubleshooting many things like :

SharePoint 2007 Versions - How do you find out what version of SharePoint you are running?

Troubleshooting backup and recovery - Use this information to troubleshoot problems that you encounter during backup or recovery

Troubleshoot Messaging Integration

Events and error reference

Account permissions and security settings (Office SharePoint Server) - This article describes Microsoft Office SharePoint Server administrative and services account permissions. It covers the following areas: Microsoft SQL Server, the file system, file shares, and registry entries

Plan for administrative and service accounts

Special directories and storage locations (Office SharePoint Server) - This article lists the folders and files that are used by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Files and permissions for Office SharePoint Server 2007 - This article lists the detailed minimum file permission settings for folders and files created when you install MOSS 2007

Running Central Admin on Multiple Servers within a Farm

Decentralizing Site Administration - Security model of WSS 3.0, including its advantages and implications when delegating administrative control over SharePoint sites to individual departments while maintaining centralized administrative control over the SharePoint infrastructure.

Special directories and storage locations - This article lists the folders and files that are used by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Moving all databases to a different database server or a server with the same name - Two procedures describing how to move databases to a different server or a server with the same name

I was looking for similar to this one in 2007:

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ou're never really going to get a unified document as it'll almost certainly end up with things that aren't relevant.  Some basic questions would be: -

  • Are you using Performance Point?

  • Are you using Standard or Enterprise?

  • What version of SQL Server do you have?

  • Are you integrating Reporting Services into your deployment?

  • Are you using any major third party products from guys like Metalogix, AvePoint etc.

  • Have you any internal customisations?

All of these would represent deviations from one deployment to the next.  You'd be best served reading widely around the current set-up that you have, reading the link that Bogdan provided and looking at MVP/Support Engineer blogs

Steven Andrews

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There are thousands of troubleshooting scenarios and articles. Check the blogs of the SharePoint Support Engineers that are working for Microsoft and you will find a lot of information.

Here you have my blog where you can find SharePoint performance troubleshooting tips and tricks

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