Wednesday, February 8, 2012

SharePoint as Multilingual Solution - Comparison with other products


I need a comparison sheet of SharePoint 2010 with other products with respect to multilingual support . Other products could be : Google Sites, Hyper Office,  Documentum, Alfresco , Oracle Beehive, Jive, O3 Spaces, Mindtouch ,Lotus Vignette,  Drupal, Salesforce an so on.


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I don't think a sheet like that exists. I found a couple of interesting links for you:

Hopefuly they contain useful information for you. One good thing to remember is that users always have to translate content to the other language. All the system settings (such as settings and default columns) are translated. I don't know how to other products work compared to SharePoint.

You also buy a platform with SharePoint so you can use it for lots more then a multilingual solution.

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