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Central Admin Content Deployment Jobs and Path by Microsoft (SharePoint 2010) VS SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard by chrisobrien


Few of our projects are using SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard  by chrisobrien    since old days of MOSS 2007. And others use Central Admin Content Deployment Jobs and Path  by Microsoft .

Microsoft keeps on updating there out of box feature in SharePoint as usual.


I am starting this discussion for folks here to encourage using the best that could be. I would request everyone to share there views Like :--


My preference : Central Admin Content Deployment Jobs and Path  by Microsoft (SharePoint 2010) (Option 1)

Why :

  1. I prefer option 1 because it is something for which I can go back to Microsoft  and request for support. I get  almost all feature in option 1 , which option 2 gives.


My preference :  SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard  by chrisobrien   (Option 2)

Why :

  1. I prefer option 2 for level of customization it allows with custom API as wrapper  , I can control the whole migration process . Option 1 is kind of Black box for us.



You are welcome to share links where the tech world have already such threads available which gives this comparison handy like SharePoint Content Deployment Wizard




Are there some alternatives if we don’t want to upgrade from Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (14.0.4763.1000), still we don’t face below mentioned issues:

  1.        An incremental content deployment of a package in SharePoint Server 2010 fails if the following conditions are true:

    • The package contains a renamed site.

    • A sub-site contains a link to the renamed site.

Additionally, you receive the following error message:

Value does not fall within the expected range.


  1.        You perform a content deployment from a source web application to a destination web application in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

    • You select languages under the Alternate language section in the source web application.

    • You perform an incremental content deployment.

In this scenario, the alternative language setting is not changed in the destination web application.


  1.        Assume that you perform an incremental content deployment on a destination SharePoint Server 2010 farm. In this situation, the changes for the alternative language settings on the source farm are not reflected on the destination farm.


  1.        When you use the Managed Metadata columns together with document sets in SharePoint Foundation 2010, you cannot perform a content deployment successfully. Additionally, you receive the following error message:

FatalError: Specified data type does not match the current data type of the property.


  1.        You paste HTML markup into the comments field of a publishing page in a SharePoint site.

You change the page order by using the Site Navigation Settings page in the SharePoint site.

You perform a content deployment from this site to another site.

In this scenario, the content deployment fails, and you receive the following error message:

Cannot complete this action.


  1.        One of the issue you may face with Deployment job is :   How to Fix – Publishing Site Content Deployment Error – Duplicate First Name Column

  2.        You should verify for relative links, if they are migrated correctly.

Nevertheless we can avoid many not listed anywhere using below mentioned:

Best practices for content deployment (SharePoint Server 2010)

You are invited to add the issues you kept on facing in SharePoint Content Deployment using Paths and Jobs , with links to resolution or explanations.

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