Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fox News Navigation is Broken

Fox News Navigation is Broken
Site Navigation in Fox News is not so smart for the user to navigate back from where it came. In the example in Figure 1 below, end user visited Home > U.S. > Environment. Just in three steps, he is lost. There is no site navigation or breadcrumb here. It seems to be, this website is optimized only for search engines, not for the end user to be a regular visitor.

Figure 1. Navigating three level down in Fox News website
As per Spencer (2008), breadcrumb links refer to a trail of category and subcategory links on a website just beneath the master head (main navigation). Keyword-rich breadcrumb links reinforce website's internal hierarchical linking structure to the search engines, as well as enhance its usability. Leave aside breadcrumb, main navigation is altogether missing on just third level in Fox News website.
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