Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unnecessary Hype up Apple iphone Features

Unnecessary Hype up Apple iphone Features
On Apple official website, there are lots of features of all versions of iphone mentioned, which if studied in detail, don’t even make sense to perspective buyer. Possible reason behind, they hide proper help at right place, is to let the buyer be in confusion and seller take the advantage of this situation. For example, on the Apple website, where end user compare iPhone features with older models, some terms e.g. local tone mapping make no sense to an average end user, as mentioned in Figure 1. Even if end user search for this term in search box, nothing much helpful is available.

Figure 1. Apple must help end user to understand what a feature means, they claim to be present in a product.
As per Kantner, Shroyer, and Rosenbaum (2002), the way end user is trying to seek help for products is changing drastically. Help and documentation about the product should be done in a way which faces least resistance by the end user to understand. Apple must provide end user with running help for the features in a product. This could either take the negotiations in positive direction for seller or may be, in negative direction if user choose not spend money for a feature claimed. But in any case, some kind of running help as suggested in Figure 1 will definitely lead to better satisfaction as a whole.


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