Saturday, March 19, 2016

People Search Filters Missing in Bing Search

People Search Filters Missing in Bing Search
Biggest problem with Bing search Engine is that, they are busy copying Google features without a thought in head. People search is an example that supports this fact. Search results layout for a person name in Google and Bing is almost the same. Good thing is that by keyword, both search engines know that, end user is searching for a person, at least. But, the most important thing, effectiveness of search results is diminished by missing person filters.  

Figure 1. Bing Search results for a person name.

Figure 2. Google Search results for a person name.

Figure 3. Suggested dynamic filter features for search results page – action: search person name.

As per Thurow and Musica (2009), while studying a search engine, its effectiveness, efficiency, learnability, memorability, error prevention & recovery and satisfaction is taken into account. By copying Google as described in Figure 1 and Figure 2 above, Bing Search Engine is trying to cater learnability only. There should be something more Bing must plan to cater to go above and beyond Google. With dynamic filtering suggestion described in Figure 3 above, Bing could achieve better effectiveness and satisfaction.


Thurow, S., & Musica, N. (2009). When Search Meets Web Usability. Retrieved March 19, 2016, from

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